Social Media Marketing

68% of America is on Facebook!  The future of advertising and marketing is online.  People spend more time online now then ever before, on average an adult spends 8-11 hours online a day!  My agency will get you and your business set up for success on all your social media platforms, your website and google.  While building and maintaining advanced marketing campaigns to funnel in all your followers to your website where they can easily find all your products and merchandise!


WordPress Website Design

In this day and age websites are your businesses first impression.  It's where you control what people see of your business.  Do you want it to look amazing or ehhh... That's your choice!  But I promise your image online does reflect to your business!   So if you need a brand new website or if you just need a fresh look. I can make one for you!  Using WordPress I can create or redesign your website and keep it updated with not only the newest and fastest software but also any new specials, offers, and updates while creating an email marketing list to keep your die hard fans coming back!

SEO Professional

(Search Engine Optimization)

After getting your website up you're going to need people to be able to find it!  I can help make sure they do! Through link building and keyword optimization I can get your site higher rankings on search engines algorithms like Google or Bing.  With a good setup your business should be at the top of search engines, especially Googles.  Google is the most used search engine in the world taking up almost 90% of the market shares.  SEO is a crucial key component to a successful website and your overall online presence!


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Creating Brand Stories That Mean Something

 With a brand story you can set up a bond between you and your customers allowing them to get a glimpse at who you are and how your business was created.  This bond will allow them to feel more comfortable with you and your business. And as you know feeling comfortable with what or whom your buying from is important. People need to know they're buying from real people they can relate to these days more then ever. Especially with how fast the internet and the automation it brings with it is becoming the norm!

Sales Funnels are Key to Success

I create sales funnels that will get you leads for long lasting customers. Most small businesses have the basics down.  You may have your website and email. You might even have your social media sites covered, but do you know how to keep those people coming back to your business? Do you know how to target specific audiences and funnel them to your website?  Do you know the fundamentals of capturing your leads and maintaining those leads?  Customers want to feel engaged in your business I can help make that happen.


I'm Here For The Small Business

Unlike the other big marketing companies I'm here for the small businesses. I want to make it affordable for you to get your name out there.  I bring some of the same strategies and quality for less and I come to you personally.

Serving N.W. Ohio Personally

I'm personally able to visit any of your small businesses in N.W. Ohio. I can come to your business and have a one on one. So we can get to know each other better and we can discuss what your goals/plans are for your business.


Owning A Small Business Is Stressful!

I understand how hectic and chaotic a small business is.  I understand there's a huge amount of steps involved from payroll, scheduling appointments, satisfying employees, satisfying customers inside (let alone on the internet), hiring, firing and all the other countless steps that go into running a small business adds up.  Don't let this part of your business slip because of that.

Marketing is a huge part of selling your product and online marketing is the future.

Let's make this step any easier one.

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If you'd like to know more or are interested in anything i have to offer just send an email. I'll get back to you as soon as i can!