Online Marketing For Small Businesses

Online Marketing and Branding in Ohio from Oak Harbor, Port Clinton, Fremont, Toledo, Sandusky to everywhere in between!

Need Help With Your Online Presence?

Starting a new business? Need help finding your customers? Are your customers having trouble finding you? Do you just need someone to get your website made?

What I Provide In a Nutshell

In a nutshell the goal is to make getting your business online and set up with the marketing it needs way less of a hassle then it currently is, because going through 5 or 6 companies and countless different people to get what you need to look professional with your online presence and marketing is just to much.

I design, maintain, and keep your website up to date with anything your business is doing from specials to events, I help you keep your website in your hands so there is no 3rd party owning the rights to your domain name or website. I optimize your website so it's easier to find on search engines.

I set up, maintain, and draft Emails while creating an Email list for your business.

I take semi professional photographs of your products and business to make your business stand out on your social media accounts, your website, and your Google Business page.

I can design flyers and logos for your brand or products that can be printed off or posted on your website or social media.

I set up, maintain, and update your social accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, to Youtube and even TikTok.

With Facebook I post for your business weekly and come up with unique and engaging posts to keep your customers engaged with your business.  I can run an advanced target campaign to find and directly advertise to your target audience.  I also respond to all reviews and up-sell your products in a professional manner.

I help set up your Google Business account - this includes responding to all reviews, updating and maintaining all business info, uploading and posting pictures and updates, and I can set up a PPC Ad where your business will stay at the top of certain keyword searches and you only pay when someone clicks your link.

Social Media Marketing

Providing fresh ideas, marketing strategies, branding, and much more...

WordPress Website Design

When searching for your business most peoples first impression of you is your website. I'll help you make that first impression stick!

SEO Professional

Search Engine Optimization is how I get your website seen by potential clients you are missing out on. I'll make your company stand out from the rest!

In Need of Online Marketing?

If you're interested in me taking a look at your Online Marketing and giving you tips on how to stand out. I'll take a look for free, just send me a message!